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Optimo Pathfinder's online modelling platform includes the following options:

  • Cash flow modelling

  • Transition to retirement optimisation

  • Non-concessional super contributions

  • Salary sacrificing

  • HECS/HELP debt repayments

  • Super rollovers

  • Property investment analysis

  • Automatic tax minimisation

  • Saving for future expenses

  • Account based pensions

  • Centrelink payments assessed
  • Loan repayments

Self Managed Super Funds and other more complex strategies can be modelled through our premium Strategy Development Service

About Optimo Financial

Optimo Financial provides an online paraplanning and modelling platform which allows financial planners and paraplanners to take advantage of Pathfinder®'s sophisticated modelling without delays and not having to need to learn new software.

Optimo Financial's principals, Hugh Bannister and Dr. Ken Stocks, began business life as mathematical modellers. For over 30 years they have used mathematical optimisation techniques to build energy and financial models and provide advisory services to a wide range of Australian and international clients including major banks, regulators and government policy advisers. One product, Apollo, is still used by major banks and is used to structure the financing of large infrastructure projects.

Around 2009, they started to look to their own financial affairs and after learning about all the complex rules for super, tax and the pension, they realised it was another problem they could solve with optimisation. So they used their extensive experience in mathematical optimisation and long-term financial modelling to develop a financial strategy development software called Optimo Pathfinder®.

We believe that Optimo Pathfinder® brings an innovative perspective to the challenges of financial planning and is the only financial planning software that can create Strategy Papers that are optimised and comprehensive.
Download Pathfinder Online Standard Features list here.

About Optimo Pathfinder

Optimo Pathfinder® uses a robust and sophisticated mathematical optimisation process to produce holistic, optimised financial strategies tailored to your client’s situation and goals.

Optimo Pathfinder® requires input data consisting of the current financial status of the client, future or recommended investments, lifestyle goals and personal preferences.

From this input, Pathfinder® then works out the best strategy within minutes using an industrial grade optimiser and its patented algorithm. The algorithm has all the government and market rules built-in so the strategy not only keeps within these rules but takes best advantage of them. The optimiser performs literally millions of calculations and moves funds dynamically to test the outcome of each decision, year-by-year, it will find the best path to reach the client’s goals and maximise their financial outcome. The mathematical optimisation within Pathfinder® produces high quality financial strategies consistently and efficiently.

A further advantage of Pathfinder®’s optimisation process is that it covers all aspects of the clients’ specific situation. The strategy is calculated holistically, rather than in separate modules. For example, in a single case it can find the best balance between directly owned assets and a SMSF while also accounting for transition-to-retirement and working out whether any loan repayments should be above the minimum. It works out each strategy based on the specific input data to create a tailored strategy and does not follow trends or biases. Pathfinder® takes the guesswork out of strategy development.
Download Pathfinder Online Standard Features list here.

Pathfinder Online Pricing

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Free - save one case at the time*

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Instant access

20 years of optimised modelling

All standard modelling options included

One login account

Standard default assumptions

Full results incl. charts and detailed reports

Convert results into Default Strategy Paper

Process basic draft SOA document

Limited email support included

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Below pricing structure will come into place when Optimo Pathfinder Online goes into production.

Our pricing is simple. We don’t have lock-in contracts and you only pay for what you use. If you use Pathfinder more often, you’ll get bonus cases.

Download Pathfinder Online Standard Features list here.

Less than one case a month

Pay case-by-case

$100* per case1

About 1 case a month

Purchase 10 cases upfront and receive 1 case extra for free

$1,000* for 11 cases1

2 or more cases a month

Purchase 20 cases upfront and receive 5 cases extra for free

$2,000* for 25 cases1

More than 4 cases a month

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Addons and extra Features List

*Prices are exclusive of GST
1 All pre-paid cases, including bonus ones, must be completed within 15 months of purchase. After 15 months, you will not be able to edit these cases.

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