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Use Optimo Pathfinder for your financial modelling and strategic advice processes.

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Create comprehensive, holistic financial strategies in minutes.

Optimo Pathfinder is very suited to use in front of your clients, giving you an advantage of giving them immediate strategic advice.

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What others say about Pathfinder

  • "It makes you look like you spent hours on doing something which only takes minutes to do"
    – L.H. - Financial Adviser
  • "This does some heavy calculations. You won’t believe it until you see it!"
    – J.P. - Paraplanner

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Strategy modelling includes the following options:

  • Cash flow modelling
  • SMSF Modelling (Beta)
  • Saving for future expenses
  • Loans
  • HECS/HELP debt repayments
  • Tax estimations
  • Investments
  • Insurance Bonds
  • Centrelink estimations
  • Superannuation investing
  • Salary sacrificing
  • Compulsory and voluntary Super contributions
  • Transition to retirement (TTR) pensions
  • Account based pensions
Download the complete list of modelling options here.
More complex situations (companies, trusts, etc) can be modelled through our online premium Strategy Development Service (SDS).

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Create Holistic financial plans

Say goodbye to disconnected modules!

Other platforms and sites use separate modules or calculators. Pathfinder takes on a holistic approach and will find the optimised outcome to suit your client's goals and objectives.


Life is more than just one plan.

When will your clients be able to buy their dream home? How much will they have when reaching retirement? Can they afford this long desired around-the-world trip?

Use Pathfinder to create multiple scenarios and compare the outcomes.

Let Pathfinder do the Maths

Are you still fiddling with Excel?

Pathfinder has flexibility you need to create the best financial strategy for your clients. You simply enter the appropriate lifestyle and strategy options and leave it to Pathfinder to do the numbers for you.

Get your results in minutes

Why wait for your results?

Pathfinder produces 20 years of modelling in minutes. With one click your results can be processed into a Strategy Paper or use our extensive reports to add them to your SOA.

Save on plan preparation time

Are you still spending hours on your plans?

When using Pathfinder you simply fill out your client's details and Pathfinder does the rest. Our platform has all government legislation and tax rules built-in, Pathfinder aims to maximise wealth creation and minimise tax payments.

Keep your overheads low

How much are you spending on plan-preparation?

With Pathfinder you don't pay ongoing subscription fees but only pay for what you use. Did we mention pricing starts at $100 per case?

Simple, yet comprehensive

Pathfinder has the same steps that you see in a normal factfind but with extensive data validations to ensure your data is complete and correct.

Build your scenarios, the smart way

For each item in your case Pathfinder has a set options you can click that give you the flexibility to create the most appropriare strategy for your clients.

Detailed results, easy to understand

Get an overview of the results with strategy summery in plain English and action items for every year of the analysis, is available online and in documents.