Optimo Trials Robo-Strategy Platform



Optimo Financial has announced it will be piloting its new robo-strategy platform with a select group of financial planners and will release the service to the public next month.

In a statement, Optimo Financial said its new custom-built, automated strategy optimisation service, Optimo Pathfinder, “will do all modelling calculations for financial planners and paraplanners for periods up to 20 years and beyond".

A further advantage of Pathfinder’s optimisation process is that it covers all aspects of the clients’ specific situation. The strategy is calculated holistically, rather than in separate modules. For example, in a single case it can find the best balance between directly owned assets and Superannuation (incl. SMSF’s) while also accounting for transition-to-retirement and working out whether any loan repayments should be above the minimum. It works out each strategy based on the specific input data to create a tailored strategy and does not follow trends or biases. Pathfinder takes the guesswork out of strategy development.

Optimo Financial’s General Manager Rob van Dalen said “We are moving our services to the cloud and handing over the keys to the financial planners and paraplanners – for free!” The platform is currently in Beta and will provide the modelling results in tables, but when released will include automated Strategy Papers and online Statement of Advice production, created by the robo-platform.

Mr van Dalen said: “Optimo Pathfinder will be a huge time saver for any planner or paraplanner, no longer does he or she need to wait for modelling results or use complicated software to try to obtain the optimised results. Pathfinder does all of this in one go and is not broken up into ‘modules’ as so many other software platforms are.”

“It will appeal particularly to those planners who want to deliver high quality financial strategies but don’t want to invest a lot of money in complicated software.

The initial pilot is designed to test the user interface and enable Optimo Financial to make minor tweaks if required before rolling out over the next few weeks.