PRESS RELEASE: Optimo's Robo-Strategy Platform Goes Into Production


IMG_0033.jpgPublished The Financial Standard 6th July 2017
Published Australian Fintech: 7th July 2017

In a statement today, Optimo Financial announced that it will today launch the production version of its online optimised personal finance modelling system, Optimo Pathfinder.

Optimo Pathfinder is targeting dealer groups, financial advisers and paraplanners who are focused on providing the best possible financial strategy for their clients.

Hugh Bannister, Optimo Financial’s CEO, said “We believe there is a market niche for advisers whose clients are sceptical of the quality of advice offered to them by banks and other robo-advice platforms, whose focus is directing their clients into products.”

Using a robust and sophisticated algorithm developed by the Optimo development team over many years, Pathfinder takes on a goal orientated approach. It will optimise clients’ financial strategy to best achieve financial and life goals. To develop its strategies it takes account of tax and superannuation legislation, family tax benefits, the age pension and a host of other factors including the client financial status to develop its strategies. These are calculated holistically rather than within separate modules.

“This tool has been developed, used and refined over a long period”, Mr Bannister said. “The breakthrough is our online version. It is capable of dealing with most situations and can be used creatively while interacting directly with clients. Future versions will make available the SMSF and Trust capability that we have. We are currently refining the online interface for those capabilities.”

“The adviser simply enters the clients’ details and sets up his and/or her financial status and goals. Pathfinder will do the rest. No longer must the adviser fiddle around with software settings to “make it work”.

Optimo aims to give dealer groups and financial advisers the option to customise the platform with their own branding and colour schemes and to choose a range of premium services, including a complete paraplanning service. Pricing is attractive, and currently promoting the launch of its platform with free trial access, instant access can be obtained at